Meditation Classes

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Find Awareness Within Ones Breath

Virtual Classes

1:1 Virtual meditation classes to enhance your awareness, ignite your inner fire, and finally reclaim your inner peace.

Group Meditation Classes

Achieve enlightenment through a collective awakening and conscious awareness.

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What Can Meditation Do For You?

The ultimate goal of meditation is to create a mindfulness practice that enhances daily living and quality of life.

Some of the benefits of group meditation include:

An Enhanced Experience, A Peaceful Community, Accountability, New Insights, and Improved Interpersonal Relationships.


Spiritual Awakening

Tapping into Inner Wisdom

Feel Whole Within The Stillness

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Meditation Focus

Grounding Exercises

Embody effective grounding & breathing techniques to tune your awareness inward.

Meditation Techniques

Practice deep and profound meditation techniques to add to your own inner exploration.

Progressive Meditation

Meditations ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes based on level and intention.

Intention Setting

Harnessing The Law of Attraction to find balance, heal & manifest.

Align With the Energy of The Chakras

Gain a deeper divine knowledge of your energy centers and tap into their healing abilities


Weekly home rituals to enhance your spiritual practice, heal your energy centers, and transcend.

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You have the option of drop in fee or to purchase the whole package for amazing saving!

Stay tune for updates on special promo and holiday deals!


$80 for Bundle

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