Join the shift into the 5th dimension through removing subconscious blocks, unlock your genetic and historical DNA and tap into your psychic abilities in these monthly Group 5D Readings.

Connect to Your Inner Wisdom with the Power of Collective Consciousness

You are made out of pure light and love energy.  When focusing on time, environment, and fears, that energy becomes more matter and less light.


 This is where group readings gains its power.  The power to raise the collective consciousness of all those who participate, exchange healing and loving energy of one another, and become in tune with your energetic body.

Move away from matter and more into energy through group virtual Awaken readings.

What's Included

5D Activations

Receive all the virtues required to shed the 3D & 4D energies and embody the 5th dimension thoughts, emotions and beleifs.

3D Belief Releases

Rewire your brain and tap into the hidden codes required to enter into your highest and best version of yourself through energy healing.

5D Energy Practices

5D exercises, spiritual and divine practices and manifesting rituals to connect to the higher dimensions, energetic and conscious level.

The Power of Group Reading

The 5th dimension is upon us, and is your birthrite to enter into.  Society, limiting beliefs and generational code are preventing your transcendence.  Group readings creates an expansive circle of light that raises the consicsouness of all those who participate. 


The act of sitting with this greater awareness allows admittance to a deeper knowledge of ones purpose, greater sense of understanding of ones reality, and the ability to heal through energy.


Through this awareness, healing, increased energy, and spiritual manifestations are made possible.

Physical Benefits
Spiritual Benefits

5D requires the stripping of one's old identity to embody that collective energy of the Universe

Through these monthy hour long virtual workshop you are able to step into your higher self, fulfill your soul purpose, and rediscover the secrets of the Universe.