Connect to Your Inner Wisdom with the Power of Collective Consciousness

You are made out of pure light and love energy.  When focusing on time, environment, and fears, that energy becomes more matter and less light.


 This is where group meditation gains its power.  The power to raise the collective consciousness of all those who participate, exchange healing and loving energy of one another, and become in tune with your energetic body.

Move away from matter and more into energy through group meditation workshops

Meditation Workshops

Discover the Power you have to transform your mindset and life journey through group meditation and conscious practices!

What's Included

Conscious Living Practices

Learn conscious living and mini meditative practices to incorporate into your daily life to reduce stress and raise awareness

20-30 Minute Meditation

Meditating in a group setting can help raise the energy and connection of the entire workplace. Grow together while decreasing stress.

Universal Energy Practices

Intuitive journaling, spiritual and divine practices and manifesting rituals to connect on a spiritual, energetic and conscious level.

The Power of Group Meditation

Meditation is an age old practice which raises awareness to the importance of living in the present and becoming the observer of ones reality.  The act of sitting with this greater awareness allows admittance to a deeper knowledge of ones purpose, greater sense of understanding of ones reality, and the ability to heal through energy.


Through this awareness, healing, increased energy, and spiritual manifestations are made possible.

Physical Benefits
Spiritual Benefits

The goal of meditation isn't to control your thoughts, but to stop letting them control you.

Through this hour and a half workshop you are able to strengthen interpersonal relationships, create a healthy habit, and escape the stress of work life.