Reprogram the Inner World

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To Manifest a New outer world

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October 2022

Conscious Creators Club

The One Membership to Change Your Life!

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Are you tired of continuing the struggle in manifesting the life you desire?  Confused about why you can't seem to STOP manifesting the pain, anger, suffering, and dis-ease?


Do you feel overwhelmed with the endless information that’s out there (hello age of Aquarius), but not sure what’s right for you or how you’ll be able to use this information to make changes? 


Feeling alone on your journey to self-healing and trauma release?  New to this game of life and want to build a community of like mind beings? 


I have just the thing for you!



This monthly membership has everything you need to reprogram your limiting beliefs, quantum manifest, and live your most empowered life!

Each month focuses on a different topic of reprogramming to break through the beliefs blocking your manifestations (example: Good enough belief, Fear or rejection, More money = more greed

What You'll Get:

Monthly Reprogramming Sessions

  • to release limiting beliefs blocking manifestations (3rd of every month at 7 pm est)

A Private Virtual Community

  • of like-minded souls on the journey to self-heal and create the life they desire

New Theme each Month

  • to release deeper blocks to liberate the limited mind (topics include: generational beliefs, Universal Laws, Trauma, Past Lives, Good enough beliefs, and more)

Monthly Manifesting Mastermind

  • teachings/practices to Quantum manifest the reality you desire (11th of every month at 11:11 am est)

Monthly live Q&A

  • Answering all of your reprogramming, manifesting, energy balancing, and alignment questions with me!

Monthly Quantum Manifesting Meditation Session

  • to transcend time and space and transmute energy into matter (consciously creating)

Resource Library

  • Full access to content, challenges, and resources from previous months (excluding healing & masterminds which expire each month)


  • Guest speakers, discounts on 1:1 coaching, pop-up sessions, and more!

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Image by micheile dot com

Emily is truly connected to the divine. She was able to tap into some old beliefs that have been deeply rooted for many, many years. She extracted them and replaced them with amazing new beliefs and all of this was done while I was comfortably seated in the privacy of my home. There were moments when every hair on my body stood on end. And for me, that is the sign that the Universe was speaking and I had better listen.

Image by Prophsee Journals

Emily is a powerful and talented healer. I was drawn to Emily's work at a time in my life when I needed a teacher to guide me and help me restore my focus and clarity around my goals. Emily's offerings are magic, especially in alchemizing all the elements to shift into truth and authenticity. Through this I was able to realize multiple manifestations. Quickly and powerfully. Thank you so much Emily!!!

Image by Ceyda Çiftci

I had my reprogramming session to release the bottom belief of “I am alone” Today, I woke up feeling so grateful, empowered, and unstoppable! Typically I go to the gym early in the am, by myself but my dad wanted to join me even though it was much earlier than he goes. At first, I felt hesitant not knowing if he would make me “late” or had to wait around until he was ready. I released that fear, and trusted everything would work out and it did more than ever!!