Navigating Your Manifesting Belief Blocks

Identify your 3 specific & unique beliefs blocking you from manifesting your desired reality

Navigating Belief Blocks


What are Belief Blocks

Discover the Ins and outs of your beliefs and WHY you can't manifest with the beliefs you have.


Your UNIQUE Blocks

Turn knowledge into wisdom by unearthing your personalized unique blocks preventing you from creating a life you desire.


3 Beliefs Blocking Manifestations

The secret is out, now you know the beliefs blocking your manifestations.


Reprogramming Beliefs

The key to reprogramming your beliefs to step into your new reality with ease and grace


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Emily Miotto

Theta Healing instructor
& Alchemy Coach

Hey beautiful being, Emily here. I am so truly excited for you to be here and reclaim your power over your fear! I work with my clients to reprogram the mind, self-heal, release emotional attachments to the past and consciously create the life they want. Now I'm providing you a sneak peek into how I work with my clients in the Alchemy Coaching program and Conscious Creators Club, and how powerful it is to divinely change your life!

“We can’t always change what’s happening around us, but we can change what happens within us.”


-Andy Puddicombe, Headspace co-founder

What we promise

Our promise to you is that you finally shed some light on the ghosts in your closets, aka, your deep-rooted beliefs. Through this workbook, you will not only identify WHY you haven't been able to manifest the life you desire but also what's keeping you trapped in your current reality. This is powerful knowledge to hold, as once you are AWARE of these blocks, you have the CHOICE to reprogram them and become a conscious creator of your reality.

What are Belief Blocks?


First, we must break down what beliefs are.


Beliefs are reoccurring thoughts instilled within the subconscious as reality.


Most beliefs are created in childhood when you were in a very impressionable state of being.


This malleable state is referred to as the Theta brainwave state.


It is in this state that you are like a sponge, absorbing everything you see, hear, and feel like the truth.

4 Layers of Beliefs

You hold beliefs on 4 levels. With knowledge of where you're holding onto your belief blocks, you can easily release and reprogram them to free yourself from their limitations on your manifestations.



These are the beliefs picked up from childhood while interacting with and watching your parents, siblings, and peers. Here you learned what was right and wrong.



These beliefs are from past lives, ancestors, and even the energetic imprints of earth. here you are connected to the conscious collective belief systems.



This level is where you hold onto SEVEN generations of beliefs from ancestors. Here you are unconsciously reliving and bound to your lineage beliefs.



These beliefs are the core of your being, and usually, also reside in 1 or more of the previous ones. These are usually buried deep in the soul but dictate most of your life's actions.

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3 Beliefs Blocking Manifestations

Three powerful beliefs that block your manifesting:

Fear, Doubt & Disbelief


Beliefs are ALWAYS serving you, even if it seems they are hindering your life. These beliefs are in place to keep you safe, so it's now time to CHANGE what you perceive as safe.


Belief blocks are the beliefs held in place that prevent you from stepping into your NEW reality because there is some sort of emotional, mental, physical, or energetic "THREAT" present in that reality, whether you're aware of it or not.


Identifying these 3 beliefs will unlock the secrets to why you've been manifesting the same reality, and then the key to moving from mirror manifesting to consciously creating.


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