Alchemized Alliance

It's time to reconnect with your Highest Self, receiving Universal wisdom and spiritual downloads to assist in Alchemizing your life

Meditation Class

Through these bi-weekly sessions, you'll learn:

- How to identify the voices of your Highest Self, Ego & Survival Self

- How to CREATE from your Highest Self

- How to discern between the messages from mind and heart

- How to be led by Source 

- How to create a ritual, practice, healing, and manifesting journey centered around what's in YOUR Highest and Greatest good

- How to give out love and healing to loved ones, friends and family, and yourself

- How to intuitively determine the areas of dis-ease in your body and what it truly means

- Discover your Deep Rooted Beliefs and the bigger lessons your Soul came here to discover

- Connect with like-minded souls on this journey to Alchemizing your life


This Alchemizing Session, as part of the Cosmic Creators Program, is now available for you!

This Aquarius Age is the age of information.

However, this can be very overwhelming when you're being told, suggested, and advised by loved ones, social media, and society to do what is "right" or "the truth".

YOU and YOU ALONE, have all the wisdom within.

YOU know how to self-heal.

You KNOW how to bring your back into alignment.

And what took you out in the first place.


These Alchemizing Alliance Sessions teach you HOW to remember this gift.

It's about taking back the power of your life.

Embodying the TRUST, AWARENESS & LOVE to be led by your HIGHEST SELF.

It's time to Alchemize your life... and YOU have all the tools now to do so!