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Whether you feel stuck in some way, dreaming of ‘something more’ out of work and/or life, want to improve your relationships, or are unsure how to progress forward with your spiritual gifts, I’d be happy to help you chart the next phase of your journey with confidence and clarity.

Hi, I’m Emily Miotto!

I’m a ThetaHealing® Instructor and Alchemy Coach – and the founder of Ems Path. As a Theta Healing Instructor, empath, lightworker, and Soul Alignment Strategist, I guide those who are ready to reveal their deep-rooted beliefs, break through the Matrix, and transition from 3D to 5D in the 1st of Alchemizing your life.


The word alchemy is defined as “the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary” which, in a nutshell, is what I’m here to help you do. I’m here to help you transition from your current state into your most creative, powerful, and authentic self. 


My approach to coaching is deeply rooted in emotional intelligence and spiritual enlightenment, both of which I leverage to help propel you towards success. Ems Path was formed to help other like-minded souls through their journey to self-discovery and empowerment.

What’s Your Truth?

Deep down, you already know that YOU have the capacity to do so much more than what you’re allowing yourself to achieve at this moment. However, the biggest things that are holding you back are those persistent and outdated blocks from the subconscious mind; those nagging feelings of doubt, whispering falsities in your ears that sometimes sound so convincing.   


Your mind cycles through different questions… 


What if I work hard and it still doesn’t work out? 


Am I really good enough for my desires and purpose?


What if I don’t have a higher purpose and what I’m doing now is all I’m good for?


Do I truly deserve to be happy?


What if I’m not enough? 




Whatever your mind has been telling you, I want you to take a deep breath in, let it out and take a pause. Then, really ask yourself: IS THIS REALLY MY TRUTH? 


The journey of discovering your true purpose can be difficult, but it’s an essential part of living a meaningful, fulfilling life. Let me help you re-discover your inner wisdom, venture out of your “spiritual closet”, find your way, and achieve your highest self!

What is Alchemy Coaching? 

Does this sound like you?
  • Are you looking to build a stronger connection with your Highest Self?

  • Do you have that deep knowing that there is something “more” out there than what has been told?

  • You feel like the “black sheep” of the family

  • Can see past the deception, indoctrination, and lies told but are unsure what to do with this knowledge?

  • Searching for a greater purpose than working a 9-5 job

  • Do you feel that you're stuck in a cycle of reliving the same events, trauma, and experiences no matter how much you've tried to "avoid" it?

  • Is there a battle in your mind about whether to trust your intuition? Are you letting fear guide most of your decisions and behaviours?

  • Are you on a journey to spiritual awakening and feel like you’re stuck in the “dark night of the soul”?

  • Unsure how to progress forward with their spiritual gifts

  • Do you feel a lack of support and community as you venture out of the “spiritual closet”?

  • Feel disconnected from the greater power within

  • Have the desire but lack the consistency to live the life they desire


If you said ‘YES!’ to any of the above, then this Alchemy Coaching Program might be the answer you’ve been looking for. 


This 3-month Alchemy Coaching Program is designed to give spiritual seekers all of the wisdom, practices, and tools needed to become the Master of their Minds and MANIFEST the life they desire… WITHOUT those persistent and outdated blocks from the subconscious mind holding you back.


In 3 months, you could go from… 


  • Victim mentality

  • Consumed by anxiety

  • Self-sabotage

  • Feeling worthless

  • Not prioritizing yourself

  • Physical or mental dis-ease

  • Working a job that’s draining joy from your soul

  • Feeling alone

  • Holding onto anger/resentment for others and yourself

  • Stuck in a self-made box of limitations

  • Repeating old cycles of toxicity and trauma

To Here

  • Living THROUGH love, not for love

  • Knowing yourself 

  • Releasing emotional attachments to your past

  • Forgiving the most important person… YOURSELF


  • Knowing how to self-heal (yes that’s right, healing through the mind)

  • How to connect with the Energy of Creation, spirit guides and more

  • Liberated from your outdated beliefs

  • LOVE yourself

  • Reclaim your power

  • Create and CHANGE your life the way YOU want to

  • And so much more!

Transformation is possible.

Image by Olga Thelavart

Is This the Right Program for Me?

The Alchemy Coaching Program is right for you if you… 
Image by kike vega
  • Want 1:1 support in every step of your alchemizing and spiritual enlightenment journey

  • Ready to leave behind the victim mentality and take responsibility for your life (p.s this is where the manifestations begin)

  • Ready to open pandora's box of your subconscious mind (this can be scary if it’s been seals shut for a long time, but I’ll be there to make the process easier)

  • Are willing, capable, and able to sit in discomfort as you unlearn everything you’ve been taught to now learn how to be the CREATOR of your reality

  • Put in the divine energy and dedicate time to the practices that WILL change your life (we don’t call it to work around here… it’s all fun if you allow it to be)

The Alchemy Coaching Program is NOT right for you if you…
  • Are wanting me to do all of the work (because then who’s really changing)

  • Wanting a magic pill, or to be “healed” after one reprogramming session

  • You are already the Master of your Mind and worked through everything in Pandora's box

  • Aren’t open to learning something NEW (and don’t worry if it’s the Survival self that’s scared of the new… we’ll work on that)

  • You LIKE your suffering… (sad fact, but it’s true, and it’s that’s the case, you’re not ready yet… but will be soon :))

Image by Maria Velniceriu

Are you ready to reprogram, rewire, and rewrite your reality to that of love, freedom, abundance, and happiness?

Your New Beginning Is Waiting for You

Here’s a peek at what you’ll experience during this 3-month Alchemy Coaching Program:

Month 1: Dismantling of Identity

A deep dive into the subconscious to not only identify those outdated beliefs that are keeping you stuck such as “I am unworthy”, “Life’s not fair”, “Making money is hard”, 

but to REPROGRAM them through neuroscience, quantum physics, and altered brainwave states.


  • Week 1: Belief Blueprint

  • Week 2: Reprogramming the Old Self

  • Week 3: Understanding the 4 Aspects of Self

  • Week 4: Transcending the Past through the Quantum field

Month 2: From Surviving to Creating

Teaching your body how to step into the NEW you through changing your environment, breaking habitual patterns, and meditation.


  • Week 5: Working With Resistance to Change

  • Week 6: Teaching the Body to Release Fear

  • Week 7: Recalibrating Your Frequency to Manifest the Life You Desire

  • Week 8: Pattern Interrupt

Month 3: Becoming A Cosmic Being

Stepping into your true cosmic energy by learning how to self-heal, CREATE your reality, and connect with the Energy of Creation, Universal Laws, and more.


  • Week 9: Moving Through the Stages of Alchemy

  • Week 10: Self-Healing

  • Week 11: Channeling Your Highest Self

  • Week 12: Living the Alchemized Life

Image by michal dziekonski
During this 3-month Alchemy Coaching Program, you’ll learn:
  • How to dig into the subconscious to identify what CORE belief has manifested your current reality

  • How to choose LOVE over fear

  • How to break the habit of being yourself

  • Quantum manifest even if you’ve never manifested before

  • How to transcend time and space to change your life from the energetic field

  • How to work with energy to manipulate matter

  • How to break cycles and start new ones that foster the NEW you

  • How to transmute energy within you to self-heal

  • How to connect with your Highest Self and the energy of creation to become the CREATOR of your reality

  • How to become the guru, teacher, and healer to your life

  • How to continue this work even when you’re out of the program

Buddha Statue

The Magic Included

Here’s what you’ll get during this 12-week journey

+ Awesome Bonuses!

  • Personalized Rewired ASKfirmation track (valued at $67)

  • Cosmic Creator Profile (valued at $150)

Your Total Investment

  • Total: $6,492

  • Price of program: $3,333 (in full) or 7 payments of $538

  • 1:1 Weekly sessions (valued at $3000)

  • Weekly group Quantum Manifesting Meditations (valued at $500)

  • Online learning platform with additional content (valued at $375)

  • Bi-Weekly Channeling Session (valued at $1750)

  • Community (priceless)

  • Resource Library (valued at $250)

  • 4 Reprogramming Meditations (valued at $400)



“Through Cosmic Creation Coaching, I increased my self-awareness in everything I do. How I think about others, myself, situations. How I handle my thoughts, situations of grief, and anger. I’ve gained tools to switch negative energy to positive energy which in turn has made everything a better experience.”

 Alexis P.

“Cosmic Creation Coaching was amazing! Emily is patient, kind, warm-hearted, and genuinely cares. She is your number one advocate during the process and guides you through it all. The program was eye-opening, shocking at times as you discover more about yourself but at the end worth it all. Very rewarding program.”

Claire T.

“My experience with Emily in Cosmic Creation Coaching was humbling and eye-opening. I'm grateful to her. I shifted from confusion to clarity. I learned how to shift my energy and approach situations with love rather than ego through quieting my mind.”

Jenifer S.

Image by tabitha turner

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This Magical Journey?

Are you ready to start your journey to self-discovery and empowerment? Are you ready to reprogram, rewire, and rewrite your reality to that of love, freedom, abundance, and happiness? Let’s talk!


Or, if you have any other questions about this 3-month program, don’t hesitate to get in touch.