I stared fear fiercely in the face and said "I Choose Love", and now I'm teaching you how to do the same!


Before I was a Theta Healing® Instructor, Alchemy Coach, and a successful entrepreneur, I was stuck in the "good girl" belief.


Stuck people-pleasing.


Always saying "YES" to what everyone else wanted from me, ignoring the intuitive messages from my Soul that there was something more out there for me to explore.

I had become captive to my beliefs and felt helpless to change.

Find out which belief is keeping you captive here


The Ego Death

Let me tell you, I hit all the stops on my way to becoming a Conscious Creator of my reality.

I hit many, many ego deaths over the years, each one teaching me a deeper lesson and virtue that allowed me to be who I am today.

However, there were a lot of "mistakes" that I made that prolonged the suffering and pain, and now I've made it my mission to teach you how to avoid those.

Holding onto the beliefs that 

I wasn't good enough

I wasn't worthy

I was alone on this journey

It was too hard

I am helpless in my life

were just some of the beliefs that kept me in the "Dark Night of the Soul" for longer than I needed to.

These beliefs kept me captive to my past and the pain and trauma that my soul was ready to transcend, but my Survival Self was scared to release.

Find out what beliefs are keeping you captive to your past here.

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This led to years of trial and error, brutally peeling back the layers of my "protective" ego, to reveal the wounds that my mind worked so hard to keep hidden.

It took years to understand and heal from these wounds.  To be honest, I am still working on healing.

This is because I had to endure the journey alone.  

I had to step away from the typical life, and finally, embrace the true spiritual truth seeker within me.

I had to endure an ego death, in order to be reborn.

This is why I am now fulfilling my soul purpose of helping others heal through their own wounds.

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Once I incorporated spiritual and sacred practices into my daily routine, my energetic presence spiraled upward. Harnessing The Universal Laws, Meditation, Theta Healing, and other sacred practices, I was able to tap into my divine purpose in this lifetime. 

I have discovered that the goddess within me is calling out to connect with the goddess/god within you.  To assist in raising the collective consciousness of the planet, to help others transcend, and to embody co-creation on the path to true healing. 

We all have the beliefs that have been instilled in us from this life and past, and it is through awareness and inner work that you change, and where transcendence is possible.

Look out for the magic in your life, because that is where conscious creation begins.

See if you're unconsciously blocking your manifestations in this episode.

Emily's Certifications

- Certified Advanced Theta Healing Instructor

- Certified Spiritual Coach

- Meditation Teacher

- Certified EFT Practitioner

- Certified Life Coach

- Bachelors in Nutrition

- Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher

- Quantum Healer

- Psychic Reader

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Bringing wisdom into action

Through MANY trial and error approaches to healing and manifesting, I eventually heard the message from Creator loud and clear.  You need to work from the inside out.

With identifying the beliefs that were unconsciously running my life on autopilot and reprogramming them, I was now able to make the changes in your life that I wanted.

So I put this channeled message to the test.

I reprogrammed beliefs around being unworhty of love, money is the root of all evil, it's unsafe to be seen and more.


Suddently it was easier for me to show up on social media and speak about what I love.

It was easier for me to trust my partner and our relationship.

I was calling in money from out of the blue, and felt good in having it (without guilt too!)

Theta Healing has truly made the biggest impact on my life, and now I've taken what I've learned to assist you in bring wisdom into conscious practice.

Want to know which beliefs are keeping you captive and preventing your manifestations?  Find out here.

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