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Hello Beautiful Soul

My Name Is Emily,

I am the founder of EMs Path. I am a Theta Healing® Practitioner, empath, lightworker, and your spiritual meditation coach! I have discovered a life of unexpected riches, manifestations, and past life healing through inner work.  The ability to change your outer world through inner work has been my form of healing and manifestation for both body, mind and soul over the past 6 years. 

EMs Path was formed to help other like-minded souls through their journey to self-discovery and empowerment.

Everything is Energy

Spiritual Awakening

Blog posts to assist in your spiritual awakening and soul transcendence into 5th dimension



Online Theta Healing sessions to help rewire your brain using epigenetics, quantum physics, and the Theta brain wave state

Empowering Empaths

Courses and practices to embrace your psychic gifts and thrive as an Empath

Soul Alignment


1:1 Coaching to guide you through healing emotional wounds, tapping into your inner wisdom & transcending


I grew up as your typical girl with numerous friends,  average grades, and a supportive and caring family. 

Yet through all of my childhood, I always felt like the black sheep in the family.

I was always drawn to magic, fantasy, and embodied a highly sensitive feel for the world around me.

It wasn’t until my first year of university that I was called to "wake up"

The energy within me had turned against me.  The emotions, trauma and wounds that I endured in early childhood had finally manifested in my physical body.

This was when I began searching for a greater meaning for this misdiagnosed physical pain.

My Ego Death

This lead to years of trial and error, brutally peeling back the layers of my "protective" ego, to reveal the wounds that my mind worked so hard to keep hidden.

It took years to understand and heal from these wounds.  To be honest, I am still working on healing.

This is because I had to endure the journey alone.  

I had to step away from the typical life, and finally embrace the true spiritual Empath within me.

I had to endure an ego death, in order to be reborn.

This is why I am now fulfilling my soul purpose of helping others heal through their own wounds.

Once I incorporated spiritual and sacred practices into my daily routine, my energetic presence spiraled upward. Harnessing The Universal Laws, Meditation, Theta Healing, and other sacred practices, I was able to tap into my divine purpose in this lifetime. 

I have discovered that the goddess within me is calling out to connect with the goddess/god within you.  To assist in raising the collective consciousness of the planet, to help others transcend, and to embody co-creation on the path to true healing. 

We all have the beliefs that have been instilled in us from this life and past, and it through awareness and inner work that you change, and where transcendence is possible.

Look out for the magic in your life, because that is where cosmic creation begins.

My Spiritual Awakening

Emily's Certifications

- Certified Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner

- Certified Spiritual Coach

- Meditation Teacher

- Certified EFT Practitioner

- Certified Life Coach

- Bachelors in Nutrition

- Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher

- Quantum Healer

- Psychic Reader

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