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Become the Master, Warrior, Healer, and Cosmic Creator of Your Reality 


Ready to Stop "Doing", and to Start Living?
To start living a life of happiness, fulfilment, success and self-acceptance?
To start listening to your Highest Self for the wisdom to change your reality INSTANTLY, Self-Heal, Transcend Fear, Ego, and Guilt, and become the Creator of Your Reality?


It's time to start asking your Soul for the guidance your Ego has kept from you.  Reclaim your power through Energy Healing, Meditation, Ancient Wisdom, and Universal Guidance

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There are Always TWO Choices...You can continue to live out of the past... or... CREATE your Future!  

It's easy to get caught up in the blame game, the poor me mentality, and the Martyr Archetype...


You've been programmed that way...

Now you are being presented with a chance to alchemize your life.

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When you move from attempting to MANIPULATE the external world, and instead, TRANSMUTE the energy of your internal world, YOU become the Architect of your life. 

Life is no longer happening TO you but FOR you... and that is a powerful place to be. 


I Won't Heal You... I Will Only Awaken the Wisdom Within You to Heal

My Name is Emily,


I am a certified Theta Healing® Practitioner, Soul Alignment Strategist, and Truth Seeker.


I am here to your Master, Guru, Guide, and Mentor.

I promise you, this path to self-mastery will trigger, challenge, and require you to push past your comfort zone.


However, I promise, this journey is one of love, acceptance, freedom, and empowerment.

Through ancient rituals and sacred practices, YOU have the tools to become your own Master... to learn the lessons of this plane, the School for the Soul, and transcend your current reality.


Being of the Universe, we are in fact one with it rather than separate. 

The identity created by Ego deludes your actuality by constructing a false sense of self associated with what is exterior.       


“You are a spiritual being having a human experience, not the other way around.”

Opening oneself to the Universal energy aligns your purpose to transcend in this lifetime.


More Paths to Awaken

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Shine that light in your life, on your soul, through your emotions, and your consciousness.

Find that awareness through your breath, your thoughts, and your rituals.

Embark on your new beginnings through healing your wounds, raising your vibrational energy, and transcend through your own spiritual awakening.


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