Overcome the challenges preventing you from discovering your true power, setting healthy boundaries, understanding your energetic abilities, and transcending into an Empowered Empath.

Honouring The Empowered Empath 

Hello Beautiful Soul,

My Name is Emily,


I am a certified Theta Healing® Practitioner, Soul Alignment Strategist, and Truth Seeker.


Finding purpose is challenging for many. It wasn't until 23 that I had the courage to find mine. 

Life led me to face fears, trauma, and insecurities at a young age, consequently leading to my awakening, energy healing, deep wound healing, and Matrix escaping practices.


Through such applications, the ability to empower, heal, and unearth one’s authentic gifts has become my divine intention.

I am here not as your teacher, but as your guide.

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Levels of Healing


Reveal, Remove and Replace Deeply Rooted Subconscious Beliefs Limiting Your Potential.


Deepen Awareness, Purpose, and awaken from the Matrix with monthly group readings.


Illuminate Emotional Wounds, Awaken the Divinity Within and Unlock Your Inner Wisdom.


Connect with Cosmic Vitality and Divine Consciousness.

Transcend Into The Theta State Through The Meditation Below

Being of the Universe, we are in fact one with it rather than separate. 

The identity created by Ego deludes your actuality by constructing a false sense of self associated with what is exterior.       


“You are a spiritual being having a human experience, not the other way around.”

Opening oneself to the Universal energy aligns your purpose to transcend in this lifetime.

Latest Posts

"The Light of Awareness Always Gives Rise to New Beginnings"

Shine that light in your life, on your soul, through your emotions, and your consciousness.

Find that awareness through your breath, your thoughts, and your rituals.

Embark on your new beginnings through healing your wounds, raising your vibrational energy, and transcend through your own spiritual awakening.

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